2014-03-06 12:04:21 | Conservatories

Need more space at home?  A conservatory is  a fabulous way to extend your home but make sure you plan it carefully.

Our top 3 tips when to consider when buying a conservatory would be;

1.  Get the design right. The design stage is crucial to any successful conservatory. Conservatories can be built to suit any period of building and most can create a beautiful addition if interpreted with appropriate design detail and proportions. It is vital that the design of a conservatory is sympathetic to the existing property in terms of architecture so the conservatory looks as if it has always been there giving it a timeless quality. Every Chelsea Conservatory is completely bespoke and we work closely with all our customers from the initial design concept through to completion.

2.  Choose the right materials. The materials used must always be sympathetic to the host building. Timber is by far the best material to use for conservatories, not only is more aesthetically pleasing, it is durable, it can be maintained and is environmentally friendly. As a Conservatory will become one of the most used rooms in the house all year round, it’s essential to have the most energy efficient glass possible. At Chelsea Conservatories we use the latest energy saving glass available on the market so your conservatory can be used 365 days of the year, whatever the weather.

3.  Make the best use of the space. How you intend to use your conservatory will generally dictate where the conservatory will be positioned on the house. Most people use conservatories as an extension to their living space; a place to eat, socialise or relax. Adding a conservatory will gain precious extra living accommodation, making the most of even the smallest area without blocking light into existing rooms. Nothing compares to the atmosphere of a conservatory in providing a bright, calming and relaxing place in which to spend time.